The Loft

From the 1st of January 2022, we officially opened our new training space at Cube - The Loft!


The Loft is a private, fresh & welcoming space for you to workout, stay safe and enjoy your fitness your way! You can train Open Gym, 1-1 Coaching, Personalised Programs, Mobility and Stretching. Send us a message below and we will be in contact asap to discuss how we can cater for you personally.

The space is kitted out with new Rowers, Bikes, TRX, Wall Balls, Sleds, Battle Ropes, Pull Up bars, Dumbbells, a Boxing Bag, a Workout Screen, Timer and of course plenty of space for Burpees!


Our members have been testing the space through December and it’s been a real hit!  We are excited to extend this to the rest of the community and are now ready to have you all come and enjoy our new area with us!

Thanks for submitting!